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What grade levels can participate? 

There are two separate grade-level appropriate programs for (K-2) and (3-5). The program is universally designed, so ALL students, including self-contained classes, are welcome. 


How many kids can participate in one program? 

Up to 400 kids can participate at the same time. If you can squeeze them in I can teach them! 


How long does this all take?

The program can be anywhere from 45-60 minutes long depending on your school schedule. Longer is better, as we will be able to dig deeper into the ELA concepts and how to apply them, but I will work within your schedule. Please allow 30 minutes for load in, 60 minutes for setup, and 45 minutes to tear down and load out. 


How much room/what materials will you need?

I will need a large multi-purpose room or gymnasium to set up all the microphones, speakers, and studio equipment. As long as there is an accessible outlet nearby, I need no other materials. 


Who is Mr. B anyway???

I’m a nationally awarded elementary school music teacher and children’s choir director who just loves to teach. I get really excited when I see kids realize there’s a whole world of musical possibilities they have never been exposed to and I love getting to open those doors for them. I speak around the country sharing new strategies for teaching music to students with autism. Learn more about me HERE. 


I don’t want videos of my students posted online. Can I still bring Studio Time with Mr. B to my school? 

First of all, yes. The privacy of your students is very important to me. Your completed YouTube video will be listed as private on my Youtube channel. That means NOBODY will ever be able to find your video unless the private link is intentionally shared with them. Once I send you your completed video - you can share it with teachers to be viewed only in school, or you can share it with the entire world on social media. It’s yours to do with what you like, but that choice is yours, not mine. 


Can I see a video of a completed song?

I can share certain portions of a completed video, but for privacy reasons stated above, I cannot share complete videos of other schools. 


What about kids who don’t have a signed photo/video release waiver? 

I have a designated seating area for students who do not have a signed photo/video release waiver. The way my cameras are positioned, there is no way they will show up in the final video. 


How much will it cost me to bring Studio Time with Mr. B to my school? 

Specific pricing usually depends on your district. Since I partner with different arts councils around North Carolina, they each have their own ways of helping with funding which will adjust your final portion to contribute. For a custom quote or special circumstances, just ask! 


That’s all great, but I still have questions. 

Wonderful! I would love to help clear up any remaining questions. Feel free to CONTACT me with any questions! 

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