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What I believe

I believe there are children who have NO IDEA how music is actually created today. For 10 years as an elementary music classroom teacher, I not only taught my kids the fundamental elements of music, music theory, and music performance - I also taught them that technology plays a huge role in how music is made nowadays. Kids today have an innate interest in technology. Rather than allowing that to become a video game obsession, or a YouTube habit they can't break - I believe they can funnel that energy into exploring how to express themselves through music and music technology. I believe that there's a child who will experience Studio Time with Mr. B and go home with their entire future blown wide open. Years from now, there will be a new creative force in this world because a young child was exposed to creative possibilities they never knew existed.

Who I am

I am a nationally awarded educator, children’s choir director, public speaker, founder of Kinetic Development, and the creator of Studio Time with Mr. B. I have been a public school teacher for ten years in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools at Torrence Creek Elementary, and a private guitar teacher for nine years prior to that. I am a professional musician with over 25 years experience writing, recording, performing, and touring. 


What I do

I travel to different schools all over, meeting wildly unique kids who go to school in wildly unique circumstances and teach them how music can impact their lives in unexpected ways. I also speak around the country at state music conferences, professional development sessions, and district workdays on various topics including: teaching general music to students with autism, unpredictable and joyful teaching, and songwriting for elementary music teachers. 

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To inquire about booking me for your state, district, or school event for students and/or teachers - please use the following information. I will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thanks! 


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